Vettel: Everybody has the right to his own opinion, we take it with a sense of humour

3 October, 2013

Sebastian Vettel walks the Korea International Circuit with his Red Bull crew

Sebastian Vettel walks the Korea International Circuit with his Red Bull crew

Sebastian Vettel saw the funny side of allegations that his Red Bull was using a form of clever traction control during his dominant win at the Singapore Grand Prix, and played along by joking that his team had been working on the system throughout the weekend at Marina Bay Circuit.

Speaking to media ahead of the Korean GP weekend, Vettel was asked about the alleged ‘traction control’ and his answer was very tongue in cheek, “Well, of course, as everybody witnessed, it worked in Singapore. We’d been working on it all Friday and Saturday, and yes, on Sunday it worked perfectly for the first time – when it mattered. I am sure for the races to come that we will be able to enhance the system even further – to profit even more.”

Vettel was unperturbed by allegations which emerged when former F1 team owner Giancarlo Minardi questioned his superiority in Singapore.

 Sebastian Vettel won his seventh race of the season in Singapore

Sebastian Vettel won his seventh race of the season in Singapore

“Everybody has the right to his own opinion – and to express that. And everybody can see with his own eyes what is going on. As for us, I think we take all these whispers with a sense of humour,” said the 26 year old German.

The triple World Champion also copped flak in Singapore for saying ‘there’s a lot of people hanging their balls in the pool very early on Fridays’ which was interpreted as a swing at his rivals.

Vettel was bemused by the fuss his comments caused, “I found that all a bit strange, because it was never my intention to criticize others. I wanted to express that our success is not coming from nowhere, but that we are willing to do what it takes to be successful, even if that means working until late. Because there is always something that you can do better, something that you can learn. If you’re on a winning streak and start to take things too easy, this might be the surest way to terminate it.”

Sebastian Vettel speaks to media in Korea

Sebastian Vettel speaks to media in Korea

Vettel has never liked the use of the word ‘dominant’ when referring to his runaway victories, of which he has notched up seven already this season, and is adamant that he does not take anything for granted, “I never expect the continuation of dominance, because I know what lies behind being dominant. Yes, we’ve done fantastic in the last few races, but that does not mean that you can bank on it to continue everywhere.”

“We do have a strong package – that is a fact. How strong, the weekend will show. Korea is a track that in general suits us and our car is very strong in the races this season, so I hopefully will go into a good weekend. In Singapore we had something of a ‘luxurious situation’ in that towards the end we could even take it a bit easier and reduce the speed. Let’s hope that it’s going to be the same this Sunday. Keep the fingers crossed!’ concluded the triple World Champion who is well on his way to adding a fourth title to his impressive resume. (GP247)

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  • Red Bull Cheats

    You said the same BS when teams said you had flex wings and illegal ride height adjuster and you were found with both of them.

  • Tinto

    Keep hating, there is fun in it…

  • KC

    RB were never found to have illegal flexi wings or illegal ride height adjusters. Not that reality means anything to the haters.

  • Sick of The Hate

    “Flexi” wings were never illegal, the rules stated the wind could not bend more than x-millimeters given a specific load as defined by the rules. The FIA increased the test load three seperate times and EVERY time Red Bull Passed. If they had developed a clever way to have some flex at speed, then good for them, innovation is what F1 is about.
    The ride hight adjusters are another favorite of the haters. The rules state that the ride hieght could not be changed with out the use of a “tool”. Red Bull’s ride heigth adjusters could not be used unless a “tool” was used to access the panels surrounding them. Since technically a tool was required to be able to adjust the ride height, they were legal at the time. Get over it haters, Red Bul is just better!

  • farizY

    @Sick of The Hate

    Could not have put it better myself.

  • Red Bull Cheats

    @KC Google it. They were caught in Canada and had to take off the illegal ride height adjuster. Google it, find the truth.

    @Sick of the Hate, there is a rule about no flexing wings and another rule about the tests. But the tests are not the only rule. The wings cannot flex. The tests were changed to better enforce the rule about no flexing. The tests are not the absolute rule, there is a higher rule that Red Bull were breaking. Look up the rules if you want to know the truth. It is there.

  • Sick of The Hate

    @Red Bull Cheats, there is no rule specific to flexible wings. There are only rules about how much the bodywork can flex. Everything flexes under load, even a skyscaraper building. The 2013 rules state:

    3.17.1 Bodywork may deflect no more than 10mm vertically when a 1000N load is applied vertically to it at points 675mm and 975mm forward of the front wheel centre line and 790mm from the car centre line. The load will be applied in a downward direction using a 50mm diameter ram on a rectangular adapter measuring 400mm x 150mm.
    @Red Bull Cheats, please provide your rule on the flexible front wing that you CLAIM Red Bull Cheated on.

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