Alonso: Ferrari is burdened with expectations

20 December, 2011

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari are confident ahead of 2012

Dec.20 (Ferrari) Fernando Alonso’s last work commitment of 2011 took place this afternoon in the Santander Bank’s head office at Boadilla del Monte, near Madrid. On Sunday in Maranello, he was Father Christmas for the families of Ferrari employees and on Monday the Spanish driver was dressed in the robes of one of the Magi kings as part of the end of year festivities with representatives of one the Scuderia’s major sponsors. Alongside Fernando were his two colleagues, Marc Gene and Pedro De La Rosa, much to the delight of the many children present, who all received a Scalextric kit as a gift.

Marc Gene, Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa

The Magi kings (L to R) Marc Gene, Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa

Earlier, Fernando had exchanged seasonal good wishes with a group of Spanish journalists, as well as throwing in some pragmatic views on the Formula 1 season just ended and the one that will be getting underway shortly.

“This is the time when one is always optimistic, but then we must wait for the start of the season to see where we really are. It’s true that in the past few days, there was a good feeling at Maranello and there’s an air of confidence about it,” said Fernando.

“We want to reacquaint ourselves with the taste of winning that has eluded us for a while. Last spring, we made important changes to the structure of the technical part of the team and now we have adopted a new approach, a less conservative one, in the design of the new car. The philosophy behind the 2012 car is very different to that of 2011, especially in some key areas like suspension and aerodynamics.”

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.

Fernando celebrates ferrari's only victory in 2011 at Silverstone

“We know that Ferrari is burdened with the expectations of victory and if it does not happen, in the winter the papers devote page after page to the whys and wherefores as to how things can change, while the others have to make do with the crumbs in terms of media coverage. It’s one of the things that make Ferrari different to all the other teams.”

However, now’s the time to take it easy for a few weeks,” concluded the man from Oviedo. “Time to recharge the batteries and be one hundred percent ready for next season, which I expect will be much more of an equal fight than the one just gone. Red Bull will still be very strong, but I think they will have less room for improvement than us, as we were so far behind this year.”

In the morning, Alonso received a special recognition from the Autonomous Community of Madrid, who awarded him the International Prize for Sport. Fernando was presented with the award by the President, Esperanza Aguirre, during a ceremony at the Community headquarters.

  • visz963

    For the amount of money he gets, these expectations are justified. If he cannot meet them, then send the money to Africa please.

  • Twiinz

    Get off the crack pipe visz. Your constant berating of Alonso is getting kinda sad. Alonso more than met expectations. He put the underwhelming Ferrari on the podium 10 times while his teammate had none. Alonso is one of the most complete drivers of this generation. Even his opponents say so.

  • fools

    Thank you @Twiinz for educating visz963qay. The coward loves Alonso secretly. That is why he is in the closet on every Alonso post..

  • Butterfly

    That’s funny! :-)

  • Twiinz

    LOL :)

  • visz963

    visz963 is prolly the most recent fan of F1 to forever comment on alonso.. he is indeed in love with him and certainly is heart broken about his performance in the recent past… seriously visz963, take some time to actually watch some f1 races in the last 10 years for now, come back and then comment on whoever you want :D… In the meantime, send the money you spend for your internet to Africa yourself:D

  • visz963

    Cry more sad Alonso fans, I like that. Your a funny zoo.

  • Butterfly

    We should call him fag693 :-)

  • F1 Follower 1991

    I dont see why everyone is being so childish? i agree wth Visz963, he gets paid probably the most money on the grid. He also drives with the most famous marquee in the sport.

    If he expected hardly any pressure or expectations then he was very wrong. Ferrari whether they release a dog of a car or a wonder car they always expect one thing! Schumacher had to deal with it from 1996 onwards when Ferrari were still getting up to speed and you didnt see him complaining!

    You Alonso fans plaster every Alonso article with fan boy comments and as soon as anyone who isnt up Alonso’s arse tries to voice theyre opinion you chuck your toys out the pram?

  • me262

    Alonso knows where he is and knows whats expected of him…sure being a Ferrari driver includes extra promotional work etc and if Alonso feels he needs more time for himself then thats his issue. Do you think Alonso cares about what Schumi was doing or wasnt doing at Ferrari in 1996? I think not

    quit the childish rot

  • Nick T.

    Where did Alonso complain about too much pressure or expectations or say that he couldn’t handle it? All he said was that among fans and especially the Italian press Ferrari are expected to always be winning or they get a lot of shit about it. Nowhere did he say he was sick of it or was getting to him. Don’t confuse the headline with a direct Alonso quote. So, your comments about him not handling the pressure make no sense. Also, lets keep in mind that Alonso has kept a very positive attitude and is always straight forward. Also, I’ve never been a big Alonso fan since he turned on McLaren. So, I’ve got no stake in defending him…

  • aknit

    visz963, please don’t make silly comments about continents you know nothing of. What do you know about Africa? Can it, please.

  • Anthony

    Second rate driver in a second rate car. It’s funny that a soft drink company has been able to thoroughly destroy the kings of F1 within 6 years. I can see why there is a constant stream of butthurt amongst the Scuderia.

  • Butterfly

    My guess is visz963fag and Anthonyfag are one and the same.

  • visz963

    Your guess is wrong as usual.

  • Butterfly

    Dude, you forgot the *fag in your name…

  • visz963

    I will enjoy your screaming and lame excuses here in 2012 when Alonso continues his current trend and goes even lower in the standings as he is clearly not a driver who can win without the best car.

    And no, it is not only me, as you can see there are many people who rate Alonso very low. I am not posting in various names.

    blind, mindless fanboy

  • Butterfly

    visz963fag is big on “sad” and “blind”. What are you, 10 yo?

  • Anthony

    I like how Butterfly refers to people who disagree with his delusional outlook on the world as “fags”. Troll.

  • me262

    hindsight is a wonderful thing. It makes jerkoffs look like assholes
    think about it

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