Alonso: Runner-up would be a great result

5 October, 2011

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso aiming for second place in the championship

Oct.5 (Fernando Alonso’s Diary) I arrived in Japan this morning and I found rain waiting to greet me this afternoon when I got to the track at Suzuka. My first thought was, ‘better today than Saturday or Sunday,’ because this year, a wet track has not really brought us much luck. I’m thinking particularly of Canada, where we really looked to have everything required to take the win but in the end, it turned out to be our only no-score of the season so far.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando finished third at Suzuka last year

The forecast for the week is reasonably good, at least for the first few days, while on Sunday, the threat of rain is slightly higher. In fact, you can never be too sure what to expect here: for example last year, we had to run qualifying on Sunday morning as there had been a storm the previous day which meant the track was unusable.

I went back home after the Singapore Grand Prix. Now we have these two back-to-back races in the Far East, followed by Formula 1’s debut in India, so with that in mind, I felt it was best to relax a bit with the family before the final rush of the season. Even if it’s true we are no longer even mathematically in the hunt for the Drivers’ title, there are still plenty of reasons to retain our motivation to tackle these last five races with the right attitude.

First of all there’s second place in the Drivers’ table. Given how the season has gone so far, with Vettel totally dominant, failing to get on the podium only once, being runner-up would really be a great result for me and for the team. There are four of us in the running, as I am up against Webber and the two McLaren guys and I reckon we will have to wait until Interlagos to find out who it will go to.

Clearly, if one looks at the way recent races have gone, it will definitely not be easy, as my closest rivals seem to have that little bit extra in terms of car performance, but that does not mean it’s a lost cause. We know we have to do everything perfectly if we want to reach our goal and we will be trying right to the very end.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando in action in Singapore

Then, there’s still second place in the Constructors’ championship, but this is a much harder target, because there’s a significant gap to McLaren, but it’s not impossible. In the end, myself and all the team just want to end a season that did not go the way we wanted in the best way possible. Taking at least one win would be the maximum, while the important thing is to always be in the fight for the podium places.

I’ve won the Japanese Grand Prix twice; once at Fuji and once here at Suzuka, the latter being the best of the two, but I’m sure no one in my current team would agree with that. I can understand that, because I can appreciate how disappointed they must have been when Michael had to retire while leading ahead of me. It’s always bad to see a car stop with a failure. In fact, the same thing happened to me a few weeks earlier in Monza: Formula 1 can be a cruel sport at times.

After Sunday’s race I will go to Tokyo, a city I like a lot. Along with Felipe, I will take part in an event organised by Ferrari Japan for the launch of the 458 Spider. We will also be auctioning a nose section off a 150º Italia used in the Australian Grand Prix, the one that carried a message of support for victims of the earthquake that hit this country a few weeks before that race.

I know Ferrari Japan is involved in various initiatives aimed at gathering funds to build a school at Ishinomaki, one of the areas most badly affected. On Saturday at the circuit, we will meet some kids from that city, so it will be nice to be able to do something significant for them.

  • Butterfly

    I would love to punch the guy who wrote that ‘blog’ right in the face. Is it legal to have someone pretend to be someone else? Clearly, that isn’t Fernando Alonso writing that blog.

  • visz963

    I think this is a good blog. He clearly summarized how he was able to win championships – by other falling out due to technical failures.
    If other loose due to failures, he is a geat champ he think, but if he looses than he is sure he was perfect.
    Typical latin noob.

  • Twiinz

    @ visz963 , If Alonso only won that championship because of others failures, how did he do it the other time?? If Fernando is a noob, why do the majority of his peers say he is the best? If you dislike him that is fine. Please don’t let facts and logic get in the way of your opinion.

  • visz963

    It is you boy how does not know the facts. Both time when he won championships, Raikkonen and Schumacher had much higher failure rates than him. Check it out and be surprised.
    Also, I dont remember anyone except some spanish journalists and himself talking about him as the best. However, I remember his team boss, Flavio Briatore saying he is ‘overrated’, and his teammate Trulli saying ‘he is not ANY faster than others. This is what counts.
    So please reconsider what you know before making any fanboy comments.

    Alonso is a typcial latin spirit, just like Montoya was. Mistakes – other’s fault. Success – own pride. That is it.

  • Sennauno

    @visz963 I dont think he was describing how he won his championships there mate…you might be taking his lack of pretentiousness by the foot of his word. Its a quality called ‘modesty’… reading your post leads me to believe your a schumacher fan so you might have difficulty understanding. Regarding your statements well, either your trolling or your about 8 years old…ill take the latter. Every World Champion deserves a modicum of respect mate, yes Vettel has won the championship with the best car but you cant take merit out of that…timing is everything in Formula 1 and as much as I dont like Vettel, he is a deserved World Champion. Fact is Alonso’s Renault was more than a par for Schumachers Ferrari in 05 06, you say his rivals retired more than he did…well thats part of formula one since its beginings: TO FINISH FIRST, FIRST YOU MUST FINISH. Cant say you havent learn t anything today

  • Tsstheseason

    @visz963, Yeah but Alonso has to 2 titles/Championships and could have 3 by only losing by 4points to Vettel in 2010 considering he had 3 DNF races that year….also defended Schumi… for his 05′-06′ Titles, whom even praised him on his suberb racing and driving defending skills.

    As Montoya, he has no title/championship and was what I think todays Lewis Hamilton with his similar driving style “aggressive and crashes” Thats why Montoya moved to Nascar…how can you compare Montoya who is from Brazil…and Alonso who is from Spain? That is like comparing Kimi R. (Iceland) to Jenson Button (Britain) to each other just because they are white men.

    I think YOU @ visz963 should know your facts before you comment…Hater! also too, Trulli is jealous of Alonso…they were x-teamates…just Like Prost was jealous of Senna…go figure. Thats why he may of said that.

    Alonso is amazing…especially that he is 3rd place with a crappy car this year and will be 2nd place against Button and the other rivals of his.

    What do you know visz963? Seems as if “NOT much” would be the term.


    oh, and for the Flavio Vriatore comment saying Alonso is overrated? Then why to this day is he, his manager in F-1. Bet you didnt know fact you also didnt know that Flavio will be back in 2013 to maybe be his technical team manager when he comes back to F-1 due to him being banned presently.

    Food for thought…overated pfff!…my rear end.

  • visz963

    Cry more fanboys, I like that.
    Montoya is from Brazil and Raikkonen from Iceland? Clearly, you must be under 12.
    And Alonso modest? Then you are gays.:)

  • Alonso fan

    Cry more fanboys, I like that.
    Montoya is from Brazil and Raikkonen from Iceland? Clearly, you must be under 12.
    And Alonso modest? Then you are gay_s.:)

  • Alonso fan

    Cry more fanboys, I like that.
    Montoya is from Brazil and Raikkonen from Iceland? Clearly, you must be under 12.
    And Alonso modest? Then you are homos.:)

  • Sennauno

    @ Alonso Fag

    The Ferrari has made alonso to make fairly modest goals for himself…aiming for second in suzuka isnt unrealistic. Wow Montoya really isnt from Brazil…and Raikkonen isnt from Iceland! you know what your talking about

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Tsstheseason:


    Intelligence is not a prerequisite for posting here, All opinions are welcome no matter how silly they may be.

    By the way, Juan Pablo Montoya is from Colombia, Kimi Raikkonen is from Finland.

  • F1 Follower 1991

    @ visz963

    I think you need to get your head out your ass and take a step back on the opnions youve expressed here, There have been drivers past and present even this season that have commented on Alonso being the most complete driver on the grid. I am no way an Alonso Fan, in fact i was kicking myself seeing him snatch the 2006 title away for Schumi who ive been a fan of since 1995.

    As other posters have stated, its not purely down to raw speed and the best driver, having rock solid reliability and a really quick car also contribute to a driver winning a championship. Your comments regarding Alonso lucky due to everyone else having mechanical failures more often than himself is ludicrous! In 2005 and 2006 Alonso was supreme maximising the package he had at every opportunity.

    Just look at Trulli in 2003 and 2004 he was nowhere near the pace of Alonso in the same equipment. Timing is everything in F1 just look at people like Damon Hill and Villenueve. They placed themselves in the best package at that specific time and maximised the opportunity. The 2010 Ferrari was not the quickest car on the grid yet ALonso took the title to the final race of the season showing he took the car to places it shouldnt of been!

    The way youve expressed your views tell me your a very anti Alonso guy, in fact id bet on you being a Hamilton fan based on the ignorant persona your putting out. Alonso is a world class driver a deserved Double World Champion and calling his titles lucky is ridiculous!

    How do you think Schumacher won all of his titles? the car was the main ingridient to his success along with bulletproof reliablility! without that you cant succeed however good you are! you have no evidence to show otherwise so i sincerely hope you re think the way you put across your points.

  • visz963

    F1 follower – that is opinions. My opinion is that Alonso is nowhere near where the media and some media-dependent guys like you position him. I am objective – not biased by some Alonso self-marketing.


  • F1 Follower 1991


    If he is no where near the position lots of people put him in including ex and current drivers, why do you think he made it into a Ferrari seat? If he was as bad as you say he is, hed be languishing down behind everyone else this year in the championship and wouldnt of become the youngest ever Double world Champion in 2006. Have you ever seen some of his drives in 2003?

    I am not Pro Alonso in fact i dislike the guy but i can appreciate what a mighty fine driver he is! That is the mature approach to an F1 Fan not some ego centered opinions, in my post i gave facts proving what he can do and you just give me opinions?

    What you fail to realise Hamilton had backing from McLaren since he was 11 he was molly coddled up to the point of his debut into what was the best car on the grid for the 2007 season, and in fact Alonso didnt get beaten? they finished on the same points as each other? With Alonso coming 2nd on race wins?

    You obviously have a big jealous hatred for Alonso which shows in your narrow minded comments, you dont become a double world champion by being lucky? thats like saying Mika Hakkinen was lucky to be double world champion because he was in the best car at the time the McLaren of 1998/1999? But he is considered a true gentleman racer! Or are you going to say he was an unskilled lucky driver?

  • Butterfly

    Guys, why are you even bothering with this SOB @visz963?

  • visz963

    Guys, we have different opinions. I think he is not one of the best and I have arguments.

    Butterfly – we already know you, a sore Alonso fan. Prepare for hard times.

  • Sennauno

    @visz963 your heart is in the way of your mind man. Alonso has been in F1 for 10 years, double WC, dethroned Schumacher, contracted to Ferrari till 2016, 27 wins god kows how many podiums blah blah. You impoverish the standard in this forum with your biased opinion you know…well, at least you admit its just your opinon and not reality

  • Twiinz

    Many sites are full of overly biased fans. It is a fact of life. Those who come here to discuss actual facts and honest opinions just have to deal with it. The internet allows people to overly zealous in their thoughts, unlike having a conversation in person. Oh well. And what’s with the name calling? Really? This is a sport for fun. I don’t think I have been called boy since I left college 23 years ago. LOL

  • Tsstheseason

    visz knows nothing…just a hater…funnny how he only comments about my comment about where montoya is from and where kimi is from…and ming you Brazil is in south america..and finland is rightn ext to iceland..go figure…yeah he definetly comments like a jackass. knows nothing about F-1…visz reminds me of a arry Merchant…where everyone just wants to be like Mayweather and tell him to

    funny how he couldnt argue about anything else but that with me…that goes to show how much i know and what he doesnt. dumb f@ck

  • Tsstheseason

    and who said were crying…infact i think u are crying. cuz u came back to defend something u cant defend. smh…bann this fool somone.

  • Tsstheseason

    Also Hamilton has 1 title which he barely won by 1point against Massa….another Ferrari driver whom should of had the Belt. dumbass visz accomplishing what we already know…a dumbass. im actually laughing right now as i type…sorry for all my typos..lmfao!!!

  • visz963

    Learn some basic geography, man. Looking uneducated does not help.

    You dont need to learn the cities, as it would be difficult for you, only the countries.

    By the way, Finland is not at all near to Iceland. You are just trying to explain your illiteracy. You simply mixed up ‘Iceman’ with Iceland, but you wouldnt admit. You cant even write, monkey.

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